Kristaps Lapins

Consulting Vedic Astrologer, Mentor, Volunteer

Kistaps showed his interest in spirituality and the creation of the World since his childhood reading mystically oriented books and magazines. Then in his teenage years studied Helena Blavatsky works. But 20 years ago he finally found his way to Sanatana Dharma. In his intensive studies with his first Guru, he dived into the knowledge of Vāstu, Sankya shastra, Jyotish, Svara yoga, Hatha yoga, Nimitta shastra and Upāyas to mention some. And keeps studying till nowadays. For the last 6 years he is finetuning his studies in Vāstu and Astro-Vāstu with world know Vāstu expert Dr Narendra Sahasrabudhe.

He is now a full-time Jyotishi for the last 15 years, focusing on kundali readings and Prashna. In his practice, he mostly uses Kerala prashna, Nimitta shastra, Vāstu and the basics of Ayurveda. At the same time, he was teaching Raja yoga, Sankya shastra and Jyotish to his Latvian students. For the last 3 years, he is teaching Applied Upāyas at Sahasrara Mahavastu School in Moscow. In this year’s conference, he will talk about how the place where we live influences our relationships and how with the help of Vāstu and Astro-vāstu we can improve them.